The Critical 'I'

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Friday, August 06, 2004

home grown
Now how could a couple of furry little cuties like Baba Ganoush (left) and her sister Tabouli represent the evil prospect of genetically-engineered cloning?

That's exactly the point, as these two kitties are the showcases for how new and more efficient cloning can reunite pet owners with their deceased love ones, for only $50 grand. There's all sorts of ethical handwringing over cloning human beings. But animals? The objections are far fewer and less impassioned. And once pet cloning becomes commonplace, it's only a small logical step toward fuller acceptance of people cloning.

As if these literal copy-cats aren't cute enough, get a load of the name of the company that produced them: Genetic Savings & Clone. Although I question the wisdom of evoking the name of institutions that became synonymous in America with widespread scandal and financial collapse.