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Friday, August 06, 2004

for the birds
It's just amazing the things you'll find for sale on Craigslist:
I am selling a 1982 Championship ring custom made and awarded to the non-player associates of the
winning Cardinal team. PRICE: $2400 (over best offer over 2400)

This ring awarded in April 1983 and was originally appraised at $1750 by an independent jeweler. I have that appraisal. Three current appraisals average between $3600 and 3900. This ring is owned by a SCOUT not a player. The ring shines and sparkles like new with just the touch of a rouge cloth available at most jewelers. This ring held up fantastic for being worn for 22+ yrs.

Finger size 11..overall size 24mm (wide) x 20mm high.
30mm overall height…weighs 26+ grams
10k yellow-gold with a 12pt REAL diamond.
Center stone is a synthetic red ruby.
Despite being listed on Tampa Bay's Craigslist page, the seller is based in Chicago (I suspect he's posted this on just about every Craigslist citysite).

Is it legit? The most obvious part of the story checks out: The St. Louis Cardinals did indeed win the 1982 World Series. There's certainly enough detail about the ring to persuade you to think it's for real (although that's certainly no reliable measure). And despite the unconventional avenue of selling it, it's not unheard of for someone formerly in pro sports to sell off championship trinkets, especially if they've hit the skids and need to find some money quick.

Of course, it could be a scam, too. Bottom line: Buyer beware. I certainly wouldn't mail out a money order to some anonymous individual and cross my fingers on him mailing the ring out. Alas, I know there are idiots out there who will...

I'm hoping some journalist jumps on this story and sheds some light on what's happening, and what will happen.

UPDATE (8/9/04): Easy come, easy go. It appears the listing was deleted sometime over the weekend. I'm thinking it was a scam-o-rama.