The Critical 'I'

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

new school
Two years ago today, I started this, my very first stab at blogging.

One year ago today, I took a look back at the experience.

That would make today the third anniversary for The Critical 'I'. And as I've been hinting all week, there's something to announce about that:

This blog is closing down.

And Population Statistic is opening up. Because it's always showtime, here at the edge of the stage.

The logo above is the handiwork of Julie with Moxie Design Studios. It's a taste of the job she did on the new joint, so check it out! (Everything that's not working and/or incomplete is currently my fault; hopefully soon to be fixed, and enhanced.)

I'm also switching blogging software from Blogger to Wordpress. The reasons are obvious: Blogger is great for starting off, but simply isn't robust enough for more complex content management. What's more, the recent changes indicate that it never will get robust enough--in fact, it appears to be moving in the opposite direction, with an emphasis on blogging-with-training-wheels approach. That's great, but at some point, you take the training wheels off.

So that's that. Adjust your bookmarks, hyperlinks and the like. My BlogSpot space will remain here indefinitely, until I move all the archives over. But I'll eventually install an auto-redirect script that takes you to Population Statistic.