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Friday, August 13, 2004

getting close
Given the uncertain conditions tomorrow, I'm making a rare midnight posting.

Still have no plans of leaving, even though I'm smack dab in the middle of an evac zone. What's more, if the current projection is accurate, Charley is supposed to come within a few miles of my front door. Again, the course could change in the next few hours; we'll still get something, but the hurricane itself could hit away from the Tampa Bay area. But for now, it's looking likely it'll be here.

The latest:
"MacDill Air Force Base will probably be mostly underwater and parts of downtown Tampa could be underwater if we have a Category 3," [state meteorologist Ben] Nelson said. "In a Category 3, you can almost get to the point where Pinellas County becomes an island."

"There will be a period of time where if you stay behind and you change your mind and you want to be rescued, no one can help you. We aren't going to go out on a suicide mission," Pinellas Emergency Management Chief Gary Vickers told people in the evacuation zone.
Me, nervous? A little. I always scoff at those diehards in storm areas who stubbornly stay behind, then yelp for help once the shit hits the fan. I guess I'm one of them now... But that's balanced by the knowledge that there's really not much to do. My option in Tampa is not that much safer than here, really. As long as I'm supplied, I should be okay.

In the meantime, conditions here are ridiculously calm. We had a brief shower this afternoon, nothing out of the ordinary. Otherwise, there's really no indication of what's to come. There was even some sunshine toward the evening. A friend in Clearwater said it was full-blown sunny where she was. Truly a calm before the storm.

So calm, in fact, that I had a nice dinner of crabmeat-stuffed salmon filet earlier, and a typical night of boob-tube staring. It's important to maintain some sense of normalcy.

Don't expect much in the way of stormwatch blogging from me. Even assuming the power and DSL line stay live, I'm not inclined to be a hero. I doubt I could snap any good photos of it from where I'm situated, and I'm not venturing out to the shoreline. If you want some of that action, Weatherbug is doing some Charley-chasing just south of here, in Fort Myers.