The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, August 16, 2004

When sprung its redesign on me back in May, I noted that one of the things they left out was a built-in search function for BlogSpot-hosted blogs. Considering that Google owns Blogger/BlogSpot, this would seem like a natural, especially since the general populace is so in love with the search giant that such a direct link between the brands would only enhance the blogging services. The absence seemed curious.

It appears I've gotten my wish--sort of. The Blogger NavBar sits at the very top of this blogpage, whether I want it or not. I had to do some quick-and-dirty template adjustment to keep it from encroaching upon my top banner.

The most notable feature of the NavBar is the Google-powered searchbox. The Critical 'I' is indexed fairly extensively by Google, so the utility is definitely there. Of course, it makes the FreeFind search function on this page superfluous. That may be just as well: FreeFind seemed to hiccup on its indexing once the blog went to page-dedicated permalinks, and thus has become somewhat less reliable to me. So I probably should ditch it. But I'll wait to see how the NavBar works first; no sense in rushing things.

The other links in the NavBar are really inconsequential; I'm not crazy about the "Next Blog" pointer, but I've got plenty of similar links of my own handiwork here, so it's really nothing to complain about. However, it does create the impression of a "BlogSpot network" of blogs, which doesn't thrill me either.

I note that the NavBar has displaced the GoogleAds banner that was formerly planted at the very top of the page. I was under the impression that Blogger/Google saw ads an important part of BlogSpot's revenue potential. I know some people resented those ads; frankly, they never bothered me, and I'd opt to have them back. I can't believe they'd abandon them; perhaps they'll reappear in some new form.