The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Why? Because there's a good chance that your shirt will be displaying a video ad at some point, like the ones Brand Marketers produced as part of a guerilla marketing campaign for I, Robot.

Here's hoping they find plenty of women for future ad placement. With ample ad space.

Moving pictures certainly are eye-catching; according to the whiz-kid behind this concept, that's the only way to sell today:
"People of my generation and younger are so used to moving images on TV that if it's not a moving image, it doesn't move them," Brand Marketers' Adam Hollander, 30, tells the Los Angeles Times.
Good to find out that static images/words aren't supposed to "move" me, a 33-year-old male. Still, I've always thought that Internet advertising worked better when it utilized motion video (the more recent success of text ads notwithstanding). I suppose this blooms from the same concept.
The TV T-shirts have an 11-inch screen across the chest and several hidden speakers, meaning the shirt weighs more than six pounds and isn't machine-washable. They also cost about $1,000 to assemble, so Hollander isn't looking to take the concept to retail any time soon.
So I guess these shirts won't be available off-the-rack in time for Christmas.

If video chests don't attract your attention, perhaps ad-plastered hubcaps will do it.