The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Downtown Clearwater has its hordes of uniformed Scientologists. To counter, St. Petersburg has its Aveda Institute girls, who stick out like sore thumbs in their ever-present all-black uniforms.

Hardly any of the Aveda students that I've seen strolling up and down 3rd Street are model-quality. In fact, half of them remind me of goth chicks, sans the grotesque makeup (which would never fly for aspiring cosmetologists). But given the choice, I'll easily take them over the L. Ron Hubbard-heads.

How much of a fixture are they? Their image is starting to worm its way into restaurant reviews:
Again, yes. Ratchada, named for a busy Bangkok thoroughfare has already done that. Credit goes to Liam and Pat Mahapirom, veteran local restaurateurs, and a hip young crew that wears as much black as the Aveda student body - and as smartly.
At this rate, the Aveda sightings will be noted in Fodors.