The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

As previously mentioned, I hit yesterday's S'real Fridays mixer at the Salvador Dali Museum. I met up with my friend Tom there, who had never been to the Dali, despite living here for years-long stretches since 1989!

It was a pretty good time. I got there way too early: I mistakenly thought it started at 5PM instead of 6 (pretty dumb, considering I had the above ad image posted here), so I arrived at about 5:30, when they were just getting set up. It gave us the chance to browse through the gallery and chat about the artist's different eras.

The cocktail area got fairly packed; I'm estimating about 100 people filled the room! Some good opportunities for mingling. While the jazz quartet played some decent tunes, they showed various film clips on the projection screen. One particular sequence that kept us mesmerized was of an elaborate 20-minute Goldberg invention; I looked behind me at one point, and saw that about half the room was fixated on the screen too! It was quite a moment of Zen.

The only thing I didn't appreciate was having to buy drink tickets every time I wanted a cup of wine. I didn't mind having to pay for my libations, but what a pain in the ass it was to go to one station to get tickets, then to another one to actually get the drink! At least the snack table was easily accessible, and free.

Tom and I hung out until around 8, then headed out to The Lobby in downtown St. Pete. We had a good time there for a few hours, then wound up the night sometime after midnight munching on pizza somewhere on Central Avenue.

I think I'll hit S'real Fridays next week. It's a good way to jump-start the weekend.