The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Feeling blue this day? That's one down and two to go, statistically speaking. The Centers for Disease Control reports the average American feels saddened or depressed an average of 3 days per month, with slight variances according to age and gender.

Since it's the end of July, I hope you've spread your malaise time evenly throughout the month. No last-minute cramming!

It goes without saying that depression will make you a bit more reckless:
The survey also found that the more days a month people were sad, the more likely they were to take risks such as going on a drinking binge or not wearing seat belts.
I'd like to see a worldwide comparison study on sadness. I'm willing to bet right now that, comparatively, Americans are less sad than other people. I'm making that assumption based on the U.S.'s relative global affluence, although having money is not necessarily a guarantee of happiness. Still, not knowing when or if you'll get your next meal, as is the case in some dirt-poor village in the Third World, is bound to put you in the dumps for at least a couple of days each month.