The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

no run
Let's hope the penis pills he hawks have more staying power than this. A day after hinting at a run for office, Mike Ditka announced he would not run as the Republican candidate for U.S. Senator from Illinois.

I guess the Illinois GOP is now officially dead in the water.

A couple of thing irked me about this AP article. First thing:
"I don't know how I'd do on the Senate floor if I got in a confrontation with someone I didn't appreciate or maybe didn't appreciate me," [Ditka] said.
So he's not going to run because he's too much of a hotheaded jerk to deal with confrontation rationally. Commendable in a sense, although it'd be more commendable if he learned how to interact like a human being.

It also sounds suspiciously like a faux macho cover story to mask the real reason he's not indulging in this ego trip: His wife told him he couldn't.

My second gripe is more about accurate political terminology:
A string of Republican leaders had lined up behind Ditka in recent days as a blunt-spoken every-man who could generate quick campaign cash and appeal to crossover votes from Reagan Democrats.
"Reagan Democrats"? Is AP reporter Mike Robinson living in some sort of '80s time warp? There's no such thing as Reagan Democrats anymore--they all disappeared during Reagan's second term, having turned into Republicans (sensibly enough). Robinson's editors should be shot for having let that anachronism slip through.