The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, July 02, 2004

My civic duty is complete. The jury duty I drew ended about an hour ago. I'm free to go back to my life, not to mention free to blab about the trial.

I'm going to take the first option first: Back to life. Run down to the office to patch up whatever needs patching up, and pretty much call it a day from there. Of course, I'll be getting drilled by my coworkers for details. It's natural.

I'm going to hold details of the trial in abeyance (there's a legal term for you!) until tomorrow. Right now, it's still too raw and fresh for me to recount in a way that's satisfactory for me. Not just the trial itself: The juror experience as well. Besides, there should be at least one newspaper story about it tomorrow; the Times had a reporter there ready to interview us as soon as the verdict was delivered (I declined, citing my employment with Florida Trend, a sister company; not sure it really mattered, but whatever).

But since the quiet period is over, here's a taste: It was a murder trial. It involved people who were squarely from the wrong side of the tracks. It came with loads and loads of testimony, evidence and the courtroom procedures that you may or may not see on television shows. And it was thoroughly draining, but ultimately rewarding.

Tune in tomorrow.