The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The latest round of Kerry campaign ads are led by the "Pilot" spot, which describes the candidate as all things to all people:
The "Pilot" script reads like a drive-by resume: "He's a husband and father, a pilot, a hunter, a hockey player...tough prosecutor, advocate for kids."
Is there anything John Kerry is not? If he's having trouble further padding that resume, here are some suggestions: Scientist, brain surgeon, poet, painter, rapper, pool boy, cabbie... Just to cover all the constituent bases.

When I first caught this commercial, I was only absentmindedly paying it any mind. But when the narrator got to "hockey player", it got my attention.

It was an odd item to throw in there. It almost sounded like it was dubbed into the narration after the fact, and I started to wonder if it wasn't a special add-in just for the Tampa Bay area, in consideration of the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. But no, it looks like the Kerry campaign is crowing about their boy's hockey skills nationwide.

I've already noticed how the Bush vs. Kerry election is shaping up as a referendum on baseball vs. hockey.