The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Like most workplaces, mine posts companywide notices when certain positions are newly filled. So it did recently, when one of the higher-ups got a new executive assistant.

The memo introduced the new hire, named Gina (or something that begins with a "G"; I likely never will have to deal with her, so whatever), and described her professional background at length. To wrap up, it mentioned that she's married to her husband Stephen, and that they have two children.

The name of the children? Get ready: Stephen and Stephanie.

Husband named Stephen, and both boy and girl offspring get named after big daddy. Issues, anyone?

Reminds me of ex-NFL cornerback Deion "Prime Time" Sanders, who named his son Deion Jr. and his daughter Deiondra. Of course, both families would have to take great strides to match boxing great George Foreman, who named all five of his sons, and two of his five daughters, George. But at least Foreman had a practical explanation:
"I called them all George because I was worried that when I was older I might suffer from memory loss. I would have called my five girls George, too, but my wife said she thought that was overkill. When one of them is naughty, I shout 'George!' and that one knows who I mean. The only time it is awkward for me is when a teacher calls up and says, 'We have a problem with George,' and I have to ask them which one."