The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, July 30, 2004

How many travel accounts to Southeast Asia do you figure get entitled "Holiday in Cambodia"? Probably far too many, at least as far as the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism is concerned. Of course, I'm guessing the Dead Kennedys are less evocative of genocide than the historical records of the Khmer Rouge.

Still, you sometimes come across a ripping good yarn about life and times in modern-day Cambodia:
We started the evening at the Cathouse, a nice little local hang, with the standard sign at the entrance "please leave all guns at this desk before entering", and standard expat looking people (ie male, overweight, red faced, 40 or so years old, probably HIV positive). We had many many drinks there before moving onto the "Sharkies bar", where Claudio had to meet a "girlfriend" of his. Boy are these guys studs, I wish I could have women like that all over me. Never did I realise that a fat red faced person with plenty of cash to flash is more likely to score than a humble young lad without a cent to spare.
Maybe a cheerier version of the Kennedys song would encourage nicer associations with visiting Cambodia. I nominate the fabulous Richard Cheese's Christmas-tinged rendition.