The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Last weekend, some friends of mine went out fishing as part of an extended bachelor party celebration. (I had no intention of joining in on the fishing expedition, as the boat launched at 6AM last Saturday, ridiculously early; I had planned on joining them for other segments of their celebrations, but various things, chiefly the lingering effects of my jury duty experience, caused me to skip it altogether.)

The crew ended up catching a good haul of fish, mostly Spanish mackerel. The thing is, almost none of them ate fish. So they handed over most of the fileted fish to yours truly, a hearty fish eater. Thus I ended up with about 5-10 pounds of free fish.

The thing is, they put all the filets in a single plastic bag, then tossed that bag into the freezer for a couple of days before I got ahold of it. So I received a big frozen mass of fish, in a roughly spherical shape. It looked for all the world like a fish football.

I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it would have been better if the filets were individually bagged and frozen, instead of being freeze-fused into one. I imagine none of the guys wanted to touch the cut-up fish after it was already bagged. But the result is that I now have to defrost the whole batch of fish in order to cook up only a couple of filets at a time (unless I want to eat nothing but fish all day for a straight week, or have a big fishfry--neither of which I see happening). I could always separate and re-freeze the rest of the fish, but it'll probably lose a lot of flavor.

Oh well. You do what you have to. I think I'll grill some of the mackerel, and make some good ol' ceviche (sans the tomatoes; I have my own recipe anyway).