The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Heading to school at USF this fall? Then you'll want to live at Fontana Hall, where sexual dalliances are encouraged. Sort of.
One ad for the privately owned dormitory just off campus shows a bare-chested, toned man in the shower, sandwiched between two dripping-wet women in nighties. The women are caressing him as they giggle and grin.

shower with friends . . . by choice, the ad says.

A much larger banner hangs on the front of the 13-story residential tower facing Fletcher Avenue. It shows a bare-chested man pressed against a woman in a nightgown.
Unfortunately, there's no trace of this juicy stuff on Fontana's web site. But their PR person's happy to chat about it:
"We wanted the shock factor," said Kathy Grim, spokeswoman for College Park Communities, which manages Fontana.

The building's new owner, which bought the property this year for $6.5-million, wanted "something a little more racy," Grim said.

"We were trying to catch people's eyes with it, to make people call," she said.

Grim said they weren't worried about the ads' sexual overtones.

"We are marketing to kids," she said.

The shower ads - the one with the guy and two women - simply showcase bathrooms more private than those in the on-campus dorms, Grim said.
Is it really that hard to have sex on-campus? I doubt it. But it's a good example of the strong pull of marketing.

I note that the article taps USF's Stephanie Oliveira, the school's wannabe sex columnist. Which is appropriate: Since Fontana is a only pretending to be a sexy spot, you might as well get input from someone who's only pretending to know something about sex.