The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, July 05, 2004

The world is full of dangers aplenty. Many of them can be found on your bookshelves:
"From working with books for many years," said Karen Miller of the American Library Association, "I could offer up things like broken toes when books fall, losing one's balance when reaching for books and repetitive stress from shelving them. Magazines could also be dangerous if the staples are loose and scrape the skin."
And let's not forget about the mind-altering effects of books. No, not the traditional mind-altering effect of knowledge:
Book exposure may even get you high. Mycologist (fungus doctor) Dr. R.J. Hay, of Guy's Hospital in London, reported to a British medical journal, the Lancet, that various fungi that feed on the pages of old books could be a source of hallucinogenic spores.

"The source of inspiration for many great literary figures may have been nothing more than a quick sniff of the bouquet of moldy books," wrote Hay.
I'm sold! Stay away from books and all reading material, kids! As a bonus, your brain will stay nice and unadulterated too--because safety is bliss, and safety first!