The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I've got to stop going to these fruitless local competitions. It sucked when it came to movies, and now I find it sucks when it comes to rap shows.

As mentioned, I went to Battle Basics 4 at the Orpheum last night. I figured it would be something with a good amount of activity, and some decent entertainment. As it happens, I also mentioned it to an old college acquaintance of mine, who's now a talent scout with Virgin Records; he said to keep him posted if I spotted anyone who looked even a little bit promising. So I had something of a professional interest in this, although it would be such a longshot in terms of anything actually coming of it that I wasn't really thinking in those terms.

Anyway, I can tell Dave, the Virgin scout, that there was absolutely nothing at the Orpheum last night worth his notice. Which makes sense, as there was precious little there worth my notice.

First off, the scheduled start of this thing was supposed to be 9PM. I got there late anyway, partly because I figured it wouldn't start until closer to 10PM. Well, they must have been scraping the bottom to find enough participants, because they kept pushing the start time until they finally started at 11:45. And there really wasn't much to do until then: Listen to some pretty weak DJing, looking at the sparse crowd, and noticing that that crowd was even more sparse because it was probably 90 percent guys. Luckily, the couple of cute girls who were there managed to sit next to me; I chatted with a girl named Taylor who had a very appealing laugh, described herself as a "poetess" and "wordstress", and said she originally entered the rhyming contest, only to pull out. She was nice to talk to, but overall the Orpheum experience was flat.

As for the competition... Weak, weaker, weakest. What stood out was a bunch of middle-class white boys trying to be something they're not. I didn't hear one guy, out of the 5 or 6 I stuck around for, who were better than a typical houseparty homeboy.

Anyway, the drinks flowed pretty regularly; I got fairly smashed, which I hadn't in a long while. But I'd had enough by about 12:30, and headed back home. Slept most of this morning away, which helped eliminate any hangover effects.

It's safe to say that I won't be going to any future Battle Basics.