The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dave Winer is being assaulted on (at least) two fronts of late:

- Direct flack over his decision to pull the plug on his longtime free hosting service (everyone should know how bloggers hate being deprived of something they've taken for granted; witness the flap over Movable Type adopting a pay-for model);

- Indirect pressure, but ongoing criticism, over his perceived control over the RSS syndication format, and how that's encouraged splintering into Atom.

Some people just naturally draw this kind of stuff.

It occurs to me that both these very blogging-centric news stories--particularly the one about the sort of things that would (and are) causing a rage in the general blogosphere. It must be enough so, in fact, to have warranted that little scrap of Associated Press reportage. But normally, it's a bunch of geekish stuff that wouldn't see the front pages of any newspapers or mainstream news sites.

Consequently, this is the sort of thing I'll largely be missing during my no-blog fasting period. The emphasis on tech and online media machinations is noteworthy.