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Friday, June 04, 2004

Looking for a new content management system (CMS) for your blog? Barry Parr at MediaSavvy looks at the most popular (and cheap-to-free) ones, with a little compare and contrast.

It's pretty much a mixed bag, depending on your setup, needs and level of online/website expertise. I don't think you can form a solid opinion on any of the tools as presented here; at best, the synopses might make you curious enough to click through to their sites.

The most useful part of Parr's overview is a useful breakdown of the principal criteria for making a choice among them:
- Platform: Perl, php, or Python/Zope. If this matters to you, you already know.

- Page generation: Static or dynamic. This is somewhat platform-related. For example any php site is going to be dynamic.

- License: Commercial, or Open Source. I'm not a zealot about this. I love the idea of Open Source, but I'm currently using commercial packages for my sites.

- Type of site: Weblog, news site, or Wiki. What you choose depends on what you're publishing. How chronological do you want to be? Do you want a lot of modules packaged with your software? Do you want your site to look like Slashdot, or do you have an original design in mind?
This subject takes on added pertinence of late, with Movable Type's recent decision to go to a pay-for model (more or less) with it's 3.0 release, and the resulting mass bitching from its large user base. Barr himself is concerned about it, which no doubt prompted his look at the different CMS options out there.

Not too long ago, Blogger did it's own rollout of a new version. I'm not sure how many users were satiated enough with the mild improvements to forego looking at other CMSes. I know that, overall, the switchup has prompted me to look into dumping Blogger/BlogSpot, sooner rather than later. I've pretty much already decided on the CMS; it's all a question of how much I can motivate myself to get it done. MediaSavvy's list is good for alternative reference, in any case.

(Via Poynter)