The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I cannot tell you how strange it was to get my Verizon Wireless for the past month, take a look at the itemized charges, and see the following:
Yup, Space Invaders, the one and only. My new VX6000 phone enables me to download all sorts of games and doodads, so I tried it out on a classic. The two bucks was actually for a monthly subscription to the game; I could have bought it outright for seven bucks. But I decided to try it out first. I'm glad I did; it looked good (better, in fact, than the graphic above--the phone version had color, and probably resembled the relaunched 25th anniversary edition), but the gameplay wasn't that hot, with the tiny buttons on the phone handset not being particularly conducive to gaming. So, after messing with it and showing it off to friends for a couple of weeks, I cancelled it.

I'll have to explore Verizon Wireless' library of other games for other options, although it's not a priority. Which is odd, since I've said before that I consider the on-board games to be a phone's compelling feature. But I think the phone's camera, plus the Breakout game on my iPod, pretty much has covered the bases for my time-killing options.

I'm going to have to exercise some self-control. The last thing I want is to get a wireless bill for $100, half of which would be a bunch of stupid games and ringtones.