The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, June 28, 2004

cheap dog
I went to the movies last night. Since I had slightly more time before the show that I usually allow myself, and I was thirsty/hungry, I decided to hit the concession stand.

Now, I understand that movie concession stand prices are not even casually acquainted with real-world food prices. Furthermore, I understand that concessions are the primary moneymaker for theaters and the reason why the prices are jacked up so much, and I'm fine with that.

Still, riddle me this, Batman:

Combo Value Pack #1: Large bag of popcorn and large soft drink = $8.00

Combo Value Pack #2: Hotdog and large soft drink = $6.50

Doing some quick math, and assuming the soft drink would have the same value in both combos, that would mean the popcorn is priced at $4, and the hotdog at $2.50.

Call me crazy, but wouldn't you assume that a hotdog--which you could almost, conceivably, eat as a meal--would be worth more than a bag of popcorn? I mean, we're talking about a meat-based (at least I presume so) product and bread, versus some snacky kernels covered with salt and oil. Warped food pricing in a movie theater I can understand; warped pricing among movie theater items, I can't.

I did get the Combo Value Pack #2. And I must say, that dog was mighty tasty.