The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Heading toward Sunday and the start of the no-blog news diet.

I think a key thing about withdrawing from blog reading is that it will close off some unexpected linkages. A good example: Off Wing Opinion's off-topic citation of the infamous Mark Morford's latest column. I'd likely never would have read Morford anytime soon (he's not one of my regular reads) had Eric not featured it on his blog. I think that should be the area where my end-of-experiment quiz should focus: The news that's pertinent, but not necessarily front-and-center in headline news roundups.

My example also points to what I consider to be the chief function of a blog: Its role as a personal filter for news items. The fact that Eric chose to carve out some space in his blog--especially for a non-sport item--to provide a link to Morford conveyed to me that it was worth checking out. In the absence of blogs, I lose that device. Can I function without it? I sure hope so.

I think I'll send out the aforementioned PR Web release tomorrow, along with a touch-base email to Steve Rubel, who's joining the fun.