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Saturday, June 12, 2004

metal doom
Looking like Doctor Doom's thugged-out half-brother, MF Doom raps the only way a guy in a metal mask can. He rocked the house at the Orpheum in Ybor last night (scroll down). I didn't go; maybe I should have.

Through interviews, you can find out all kinds of things about MF Doom, including his origin story:
MS: So explain your name. How'd you get the name MF DOOM?

Doom: Well, ever since I was a shorty anyway, all my peoples called me Doom, it's part of my last name, know what I'm sayin', my last name is Dumille--South African origin. So, all my friends would call me Doom since the name was so tricky to say. So growin' up everybody called me Doom, and the 'MF' part came from my partner MF Grimm. He came up with the whole 'MF' prefix to the name. For him it means "Mad Flows Grimm", but when I adopted it, it means "Metal Face Doom", you know what I mean. All in correlation to the mask. Also it's like... the exterior. Metal Face is like, not letting nothin' phase [sic] you--I got the guardian grill on, you know what I'm sayin'.
Yeah, I know what you're sayin', G. In fact, it's inspiring. Maybe I should steal adopt the mask idea if I do the open mic standup comedy thing at Tampa Improv next week. I'm not sure I want a whole superhero/supervillian persona to go with it, though; I think just the mask will suffice.

I've got a hunch that Ultrablognetic would, like, totally dig MF Doom.

FURTHER THOUGHTS: Kool Keith from Ultrablognetic points out that Doom's partner, MF Grimm, is another reference to the Marvel Comics inspiration at work here. Which is something that MF Doom seems to be in denial about:
Considering MF Doom: does Marvel Comics know about your existence?

I don't know. I'm not sure. But there's a difference. I'm MF Doom so that has nothing to do with them, you know what I'm saying?
Actually, it does have something to do with them, because it's easily associative with his act, and therefore is part of what makes him stand out and be successful. As long as he's small-time, they probably won't bother with him, but if he ever gets really popular, Doom can expect a call from Marvel's lawyers. That doesn't necessarily mean they'll make him stop using the name and mask, but he'll definitely have to come to some kind of accomodation with them. There's plenty of precedent; for instance, Hulk Hogan cut a deal with Marvel years ago for permission to use the name "Hulk".