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Monday, June 28, 2004

bruce leechee
I got the gift of a leechee nut today from a coworker, who's got a tree in her yard and apparently is lousy with the things. They seem to attract hordes of squirrels and Asian trespassers.

She brought enough for my other officemates, and they promptly ate theirs. After some lukewarm reaction to the taste, I opted to not peel open mine ("peel", because as you'll read in the link, leechees aren't really nuts), but instead keep it for a spell and let it dry. I didn't know this early in the day, but that seems to be a good idea:
You can open the red outer shell with your fingers. Inside you see a firm whitish pulp that is delicious and mildly acidic. The dried fruit is eaten like a raisin and is even sweeter than the fresh fruit.
I can't hardly wait.