The Critical 'I'

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

lectra shave shaving burn
At several points during this NHL postseason, as the hometown Lightning made it's way to the Cup Finals, I considered putting my razor on the shelf to grow a playoff beard (I don't think my years-old goatee is sufficient).

I don't know why I didn't do it. I hate shaving as it is, so normally I'd jump at the chance to dispense with this chore. Maybe I didn't have enough faith that the team would go deep into the playoffs; maybe it was vanity; maybe I didn't want a scratchy beard driving me to distraction; maybe I thought it would be too idiotic for a non-player to do.

Or maybe I need to be retired and living in Pasco County, like playoff-beard boy Bob Niemiec.

If the Bolts make it into the postseason next season (whenever that'll be), I'll grow my playoff whiskers then. Hell, I'll even go full bore and sprout a playoff afro as well.