The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

In light of my Xbox dying, and the continuing challenges in getting a data cable to properly sync up with my new LG VX6000 phone, I'm about due for some good news on the home technology front. And I got it today, with the arrival of the Syntax Wireless USB LAN Adapter I ordered last week.

When I set up my Craigslist-procured free computer recently, I wondered how I could best get the thing hooked up to my wi-fi Internet connection. Since it was designed to connect to the Web via its built-in 56K dialup modem, I figured that I could somehow make use of the USB ports to achieve a broadband connection. But I figured I'd have to dig for some sort of obscure device that would do that.

Well, I mentioned it to my friend Mike, a tech guy by trade, and he instantly sent me the link to the Syntax Adapter. It was perfect! To top it off, I was able to buy it with a rebate offer that would end up costing me practically nothing for it--only the three bucks for the shipping! So I owe a big thank-you to Mike, who once again helped me out immeasurably in my stumbles through computerland.

The little device ended up being practically effortless to install: Some minor program setup, driver installation through Windows ME, and the computer was Internet connected in about 10 minutes. Now I can really get to work on it!

As a bonus, it looks like the wicked thunderstorms that have been hitting Tampa Bay the past couple of nights are taking a break tonight. So, I can hack away on all my computing devices without having to worry about them getting zapped.