The Critical 'I'

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

(Could that headline be any techno-geekier??)

The preceding post included a picture taken with my LG VX6000 phone. Since I refuse to use Verizon Wireless' pictures-by-email service, that means that, after much tinkering, I've managed to connect the phone to my computer, and transfered my pictures to my hard drive. Hoo-rah!

It's been a chore. I had to get a data cable, along with (this is key) drivers that would allow the cable to work on Windows 2000. Then, I had to find a way to get the finicky Bitpim transfer/sync program to actually recognize the phone and allow me to dig into it. It took a couple of weeks to pull off; either the drivers wouldn't work, or Bitpim wouldn't work, or the phone's settings wouldn't stay stable--always something. I think it was something of a fluke that I actually got it all to work tonight; in fact, at one point, Bitpim started giving me the same "can't read" errors just as I was in the middle of pulling the photos off the phone (it cleared up after a few seconds). But I got it working, so I'm satisfied. I can always tweak stuff later, including transfering stuff (like music-based ringtones) onto the phone.

So, this could mean the appearance of more personally-shot photos on this blog. I'll have to hone my photography skills further; the Coke C2 photo was okay, but far from great. The VX6000's camera isn't professional quality, but it seems decent enough, especially for indoor shots.