The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Deepnet Explorer is a combination Web browser/peer-to-peer client/newsfeed reader.

It's worth checking out; something to try out this weekend. Hopefully it's not laced with spyware. I wonder if it's truly a stand-alone browser, or just a link-up with IE? The information on the site is a bit fuzzy about that.

I'm not sure about the P2P component, but the built-in RSS-Atom newsreader is probably a preview of what Microsoft will be including into the next full version of IE, when the browser is integrated into the upcoming Longhorn version of Windows.

Accordingly, I think this little venture is playing with fire by using the name "Deepnet Explorer", as it's awfully close to "Internet Explorer", enough so that it's easy to see the basis for confusion. If this browser achieves any sort of critical mass, Microsoft's lawyers will be calling and demanding at least a name change, if not more fundamental feature changes. Perhaps that's part of the plan--to incur Redmond's wrath, thus bringing plenty of David-versus-Goliath publicity.