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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

fun for a girl or a boy
Liz at Breakfast of Losers has a bun in the oven. Seems like everyone's doing that these days.

Given that she got pregnant about the same time that she predicted the Calgary Flames to win the Stanley Cup, and that the Flames are close to fulfilling this improbable prophecy (though hopefully not--go Bolts!), I recommended that she bow to fate when it comes to the baby's naming rights:
Y'know, it occurs to me that, since you got pregnant the same year you predicted Calgary's amazing run, you're obliged to mark the occasion...

How's Calgaria sound for a girl's name? Or a two-pronged boy's name: Cal Gary. Or just pick a name off the roster: Jarome, Miikka, Ville.

Of course, if they don't win the Cup, you're off the hook.
Her reaction:
ct: cal gary - best suggestion for a boys name so far. I'm not thrilled about the calgaria one though. I'd rather go with alberta.
Alberta? A little old-fashioned. Albert would be alright for a boy. Whatever, as long as it's got ten little fingers, ten little toes, and all the other parts in order.