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Thursday, May 06, 2004

pac attack!
Pac-Man running wild through the streets of New York? It's coming at you, courtesy of NYU:
This weekend a man in a yellow costume will weave through the streets collecting dots while being pursued by people dressed in ghost outfits whose aim is to stop him before he gathers all the dots.

The characters' movements will be controlled by five interactive telecommunications students, who will instruct them via cell phones from a room with a game map. They will use the map to update the latest position of the players and to see where to send them next.

Frank Lantz, the New York University professor who assigned the project, said his "big games" class is aimed at helping students think of new ways to design games in different spaces.

"We're invading an existing public space and transforming it into a game space," said Lantz. "Video games were often very solitary, so part of the impulse (behind the project) is to explore more types of social interaction."
I gotta get me one of those Pac-Man costumes.

(Via Inter Alia)