The Critical 'I'

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

not ready yet
I guess the moviegoing public won't be inflicted with wave after wave of Olsen twins movies anytime soon. Their first big theatrical foray, New York Minute, opened with a thud, making a paltry $6.2 million and apparently not appealing to anyone beyond the twins' usual pre-teen girl fanbase.

I could see this coming based on the recent shift in tone of advertising for the flick. Any time that happens, it's a sure sign that the preview audiences gave it a cool reception. The promos went from conveying a madcap, zany adventure to a more measured, low-impact comedy. Along with this, the twins were being put almost into the background--a neat trick, considering they're the stars.

Looks like it's back to the direct-to-video route for the girls. It's where their audience expects them to be, so they may as well milk that cow for all it's worth.

I'm disappointed to see that the website counting down the days before the Olsens' reached their 18th birthday, at, appears to be defunct. I guess the pervert who was maintaining it didn't feel like waiting anymore; or more likely, the site was probably getting so much traffic, thanks to publicity, that it became too expensive to keep running. For those still interested: Mary-Kate and Ashley will reach the age of consent on June 13th. Just in time for them to vote in November, too.