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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Strange happenings at Blogger of late. Yesterday, the site's news blog announced a Mother's Day rollout of some new features:
An all-new release of Blogger on Mother's day. It's not a traditional gift, but we made it ourselves so we thought that might count for something. Please bear with us this Sunday at 3PM PST for a couple hours of scheduled downtime while we work on launching all the additional features and a whole new look for Blogger.
Exciting news! I'm always up for new features, although wary of any "new looks" that will take time to get used to. I was planning on posting something on this.

But sometime between yesterday evening and this morning, the above post disappeared from Blogger's news blog. The direct link to the post is now empty.

So it appears that the announcement's been pulled. Perhaps it's release was a bit premature? Or else it was some sort of hack/hoax. I did find the announcement of downtime at 3PM Pacific, on a Sunday, to be unusual; I believe they usually schedule maintenance downtimes like that either very early in the morning or very late at night, to minimize the number of users who would be inconvenienced.

Oh well. I hope they are planning to release some new features soon.

(Thanks to for providing an archive of the original Blogger news post; oddly enough, that blog isn't even powered by Blogger.)