The Critical 'I'

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

call me
At long last, it is mine. A month after anticipating it, I got my new LG VX6000 phone tonight.

Translation: New toy. With a camera, Web access, and all sorts of menus and submenus to dive through. I'll be amused for the next few days, at least. And doubtless, some spanking new pictures will likely end up on this blog, so be on the lookout.

I must say, sometimes I even amaze myself. It took me all of about five minutes to feel at ease navigating around the phone's menu structure, changing all the settings to my liking, etc. I guess it's a testament to LG's construction and software too, but still, I had an intuitive touch with it right from the get-go. I've noticed I have a certain knack for these things.

I stayed with the same provider, Verizon Wireless, for another two-year hitch. I really didn't give much consideration to another service. I haven't had any real problems with Verizon, the coverage is excellent, I have friends who I call frequently on the same network (meaning those calls don't eat up any minutes), and, even with the porting option, I have a feeling switching would be a pointless hassle. Hopefully this company will reciprocate the love; I'm crossing my fingers my next bill won't have any surprises on it.

First task: Re-input my address book. Not that big a chore, really. It'd be easier if I had a data cable to flow the numbers back and forth. But this actually gives me an excuse to update and edit several entries; and it's not like I have 500 of them to do. It's all good.