The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Friday, May 14, 2004

blowin' up
No, Jimmy Kimmel is not Hulking out, nor trying to adopt a tougher on-screen persona. He took a bunch of Advil on Wednesday and had an adverse reaction during the filming of his show that night, which aired despite the host doing an impression of a pufferfish. He was rushed to the hospital as soon as the show ended.

Was it unswerving dedication that kept Kimmel from cancelling the episode? Does he have a stubborn refusal to admit when he's sick? Did he and his producers see an opportunity to generate some buzz over the on-air freakshow that was developing? Was he worried that any time off would get him fired?

Actually, does anyone even watch "Jimmy Kimmel Live"? Even when I check the guest lineup for the late-night talk shows every day, I see the listing for this show, yet it never once occurred to me to tune in. I got my fill of Kimmel's second-banana-ness on "The Man Show"; he's always struck me as a radio disc jockey who's been incorrectly thrust into TV.