The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I thought I'd seen some especially stupid rationalizations in my life, but I'm prepared to give NewsMax the all-time crown for this idiotic argument over the authenticity of the Iraqi prisoner torture allegations:
That's right. Along with three male GIs suspected in the prison "torture" episode, three females, Spec. Megan Ambuhl, Spec. Sabrina Harman and Private Lynndie England have been named in the scandal.

England is the GI shown in several of the photos circulated throughout the world, cigarette dangling from her lips as she smirks at a masturbating Iraq prisoner.

Female torturers? That tidbit should send up a red flag immediately.

When Saddam routinely tortured Iraqi innocents held at Abu Ghraib for decades, press accounts make no mention of women feeding detainees into meat grinders, or dipping prisoners in acid, or dismembering victims to be sent home to family members in Hefty bags.

Soldiers or not, women are generally not the best candidates to administer physical "torture" of any kind.
Yep, this sob story of torture has been completely debunked, because no self-respecting torturer would let girls in on the fun--they're not mean enough! A red flag if there ever was one.

You generally assume that there's a fine line between skepticism and kneejerk reaction. When it comes to the extreme ends of the American political spectrum, there's nothing fine about it.

(Via Blunted On Reality)