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Saturday, May 01, 2004

a g thang
It looks like Google is ready to share the love--in ways beyond financial. Fresh off taking the lid off long-awaited IPO plans, the company is now ready to expand its Gmail beta testing by allowing current frequent users of the service to invite others to sign up for an account. I have been IDed as a frequent user (which is not completely true; I've logged in to it every day to check it, but I haven't sent or received very much at the address to this point), and so I get to send out invitations.

The catch: So far, I can extend only two invitations. I don't know if I'll get anymore later, but for now, there are only two up for grabs.

So then, the bidding for each invitation begins at...

Just foolin', folks. If you would like me to sign you up for a Gmail account, just let me know and I'll do it. Leave a note in the comments or click on the email link at the top of this page, and include your first and last name, and your current email address. First come, first served. Let's start the insanity...
Thanks for playing! The Gmail accounts have been claimed. Stay tuned for future opportunities.

(Google's plan to use Blogger-powered sites to hype Gmail really seems to be working, doesn't it? I had nothing in particular to say about Gmail lately, beyond my initial impressions after signing up, what others were doing with it, and what its roll-out means in the big picture for Google Incorporated. Just call me a Google pawn...)