The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Quite the way for my state to ring in this Memorial Day: Four major fires were burning in different parts of Florida today, including one closeby at the Port of Tampa. The others are more remote, as far as this St. Petersburg boy is concerned: One in Lee County, near Florida Gulf Coast University, another on the east coast in St. Lucie County, and the final one up in the boondocks of Baker County, near Georgia (and the Okefenokee Swamp--be careful, Pogo!).

This isn't California, but Florida gets its share of wildfires every season. I haven't experienced any directly; I live in the most densely populated county in the state, and while that doesn't mean it can't happen here, there's less open space and time for something like that to get out of control. I know that every so often, areas between here and Orlando get lit up, and the far-spanning highway system tends to get gummed up all the way back to Tampa, but that's about the closest I ever get to being affected by it.

Besides, when it comes to natural disasters, hurricanes and tropical storms are more Florida's bag.