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Sunday, May 09, 2004

take me to your leader
Ho-ly-cow. The relaunch announcement from earlier this week, that I thought was iffy, turned out to be for real. The reworked Blogger button on the left-hand side of this page is but a minor tipoff.

And what a relaunch! They've overhauled a whole bunch of things: Built-in comments (about time, especially since the Brazilian version of Blogger already had this); real page-dedicated permalinks (also about time, along with the requisite conditional formatting tags; tons of new templates; and other doodads.

This is pretty major. I can't believe I didn't get any sort of indication beforehand about this; they seemed to spring it on us abruptly.

Not to kick off the complaints before the new stuff has sunk in, but I can think of a couple more things that really would have completed the picture:
- Trackback function
- Search function
Just off the top of my head...

I'll have to play with this new stuff to see how I like it. One thing to consider right away is whether or not to retain HaloScan for the commenting. I haven't had any problems with it of late; in fact, I just spent a little time fine-tuning it. But given the choice, I prefer to have the comments integrated into the blog management system, and now I can. I have the ability to turn off HaloScan's comments and leave the trackback function as is. I suppose I can wait and see if any major bugs crop up with Blogger's comments...

Also, so far I'm running into a hangup with republishing the entire blog in order to convert all the archived posts to the new permalinks. That could be a drag.

Frankly, this development may be the thing to prompt me to do my own relaunch; I've been thinking about it of late, with the lack of certainty about a blog management system being the main drawback. If this upgraded Blogger proves to be robust, I may just take the next step and leave BlogSpot. Stay tuned.