The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Faithful readers will notice a new fixture in the upper-left corner of this blog: An ad. An ad from, an online ticket broker. Specifically, it's for you Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos fans out there, for all your ticket-buying needs.

So, I guess I'm open for business. Make me an offer, get yerself some primo advertising space in my little corner of the World Wide Web. While supplies last.

Why have I taken this step? I don't know how it is with other bloggers (actually, I do, at least for the politically-oriented heavy hitters), but I've been getting at least one ad query a week for the past few months. I guess my blog seed has spread far and wide, thanks to search engine indexing and RSS feeds. I guess this blog has come up enough times when hitting certain keywords that it's getting targeted by the ad guys. It's been easy enough to reject most of them, as they tend to be of the porn/penis pill/escort service variety (I'm so flattered). But ShowMeTickets, for some reason, piqued my curiosity enough to check further, and they made the right offer, so I took it.

I may change the look of the ad, specifically the color, typeface, etc. May even move it, although it'll remain up near the top (part of the deal). It's here for at least the next year. So do a brother a solid, and click it!

This has been a paid announcement...