The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

New York City's Tribeca Film Festival is getting ready to roll again, and despite being in it's third year, it still has no real focus:
To appeal to all those people she's talking about, the lineup again is eclectic: the first documentaries shot in Iraq after Saddam Hussein's fall; a screening of New York Minute, starring the grown-up Olsen twins; and a drive-in-style showing of the "Friends" series finale.

That something-for-everyone spirit separates Tribeca from older festivals, which can be competitive industry marketplaces where seeing and being seen is as important as seeing the films themselves.
Doesn't really sound like particularly enticing fare for a film festival, does it? The documentaries are fine, but the Olsen twins movie, which is going to be playing at a million multiplexes near you soon? The freakin' "Friends" finale?? Give me a break; nothing says "stupid" to me as much as paying for a ticket to see something you can watch more comfortably in your own house.

Anytime you try to be something-for-everyone, you end up being nothing-to-nobody. That appears to be Tribeca's problem.

My brother runs NewFest, another annual film festival in NYC. Maybe Tribeca should give him a call, get him to run their show for a couple of years. I'm sure he can come up with better ideas than this dreck.