The Critical 'I'

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

grow wild
We've all heard of the proud NHL postseason tradition of playoff beards. But why stop the follicle fun at the chinny-chin-chin? Calgary Flames defenseman Mike Commodore has gone all-out with a tremendous redheaded bouffant/afro, which he somehow manages to fit under his helmet for games. It's gotta add a good four or five inches to his height.

I just saw it on display during a pregames skate before today's Flames-Red Wings game. I wish I could find a photo of it; the only mugshots of him I can find are all from the start of the season. But take my word for it, it's something else.

Incidentally, I've always thought Commodore should change his uniform number to 64, regardless of what team he's playing for. Because then he'd always be, y'know, "Commodore 64". Kickin' it in that oldschool computin' style. I'm sure John Buccigross would appreciate it...