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Monday, April 19, 2004

blowin' away the box office
I neglected to make note of this past weekend's premiere of The Punisher. Not that I'm in the business of announcing every movie opening around here, but considering that The Punisher was set and filmed in Tampa, and that I thought about trying out for an extra's role (but ultimately begged off), it's not just another movie. Plus, it gave me an excuse to once again post the above picture, which I think is rather cool-looking.

As I originally predicted, I didn't catch it this weekend, and I doubt I'll be persuaded to see it while it's in theaters. The promos for it gave me a bad feeling, and the lukewarm-to-bad reviews pretty well sealed it. The prospect of seeing Tampa Bay area locales and landmarks on the silver screen just wasn't tempting enough to draw me in. Besides which, other flicks took priority for me.