The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Even these days, many people uncomfortable with homosexuality insist that it's the result of a confused mentality. The logic is, the person doesn't know that s/he isn't supposed to like people with the same set of genitalia, and all that's required is the proper "straightening out" (pun intended). Sexual orientation, then, is perceived to be determined by clarity of mind, or lack thereof.

Bunk, of course. It's nonsensical to characterize gay people as fundamentally confused because of their sexual preferences. When it comes to political preferences, though, it's hard not to label a group like the Log Cabin Republicans as deeply, comically confused. In fact, they're so confused from the past four years of Bush bliss that they're now twisting themselves into knots over whether or not to support the Republican ticket in November.
"It's difficult for me to reconcile him having turned his back on an organization that supported him," said Mr. Gardner, who was among an estimated 1 million homosexuals who voted for the president four years ago.

Many homosexuals see the proposed amendment banning same-sex "marriage" as an assault on equal rights.

"The nation is in the midst of a culture war, and conservative gays and lesbians are on the front line," said Patrick Guerriero, executive director of the organization. "We have shifted all of our resources and energy to protect the Constitution from being messed with."

The president has jeopardized what should have been an automatic endorsement from the group, Mr. Guerriero said.
Talk about someone who needs straightening out, hoo-boy...

Do these idiots honestly believe Bush and other conservatives are worried about losing the support of an insignificant portion of the electorate? What's more, a portion that's part of a larger group of Americans whom they've done their best to alienate? Wake up and smell reality: Gay Republican groups routinely get turned away at legislative offices on the national, state and local levels; their fundraising and rallying efforts are almost always rejected. The message is clear: Republicans aren't going to jeopardize their core conservative support base by opening their doors to a group they, frankly, revile. Bush has absolutely nothing to gain, and much to lose, by even acknowledging the Log Cabin Republicans. It's that simple.

And yet, the Log Cabins stay the course. Their theme song must be Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man". They truly are a runaway case of Battered Wife Syndrome in the American polity: "I still love him because of what he stands for; and he hardly ever hits me, too!"