The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

As I made my way back to the office from lunch, and got delayed at the thousandth stoplight in a 10-minute span (good ol' downtown St. Pete), I noticed a woman crossing the street. In her right hand. she was toting what looked for all the world like a brightly-colored, elementary-school style lunchbox.

I wouldn't swear to it being a lunchbox--she was a good 20 feet away, and there was a fair amount of activity buzzing around us. But from what I could make out, it was either a really odd-looking metallic handbag (that she was carrying in a weird way), or a lunchbox of the sort I used to lug around in grade school.

Is there some sort of retro-lunchbox fad coming into vogue that I don't know about? I bet my parents have preserved at least one of my old 1970s-era lunchpails in their basement or attic; assuming it's not rusted to bejesus, I could have them ship it down.

Or not. The woman had a somewhat geeky look about her; her outfit vaguely reminded me of a Scientology uniform. Maybe the Scientologists are starting to require lunchboxes as part of the outfit now! That ought to get them a healthy amount of new recruits.