The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, April 05, 2004

What can be done to combat the ad-zapping evil that is the DVR/Tivo? You come up with a television format that weaves ad content so pervasively into the onscreen action that you can't avoid it, fast-forward button or not. RipeTV aims to deliver just that, with a slew of shows aimed at the almighty 18-to-34 year-old male demographic.

It's curious, considering they're going for the young adults, that they'd select such a heinous name like "Ripe". Admittedly, I'm on the far end of the 18-34 scale, but the first thing that the word "ripe" connotes to me is "stinky, foul-odored". Right on the heels of that is "old", ala "ripe old age". There are several different hipster definitions of that word, of course, but my opinion is that they need to come up with a new name, pronto, before they can hope for any success.
The newfangled ads, with a spin on old and new ad traditions, include a 3-D animated advertiser logo or graphic to open and close the show, an animated logo occupying the lower third of the screen, a "video skin" or graphic frame with the advertiser's brand framed around the show, video billboards in the lower third, strategically placed spots and long-form commercials...

For instance, during a broadcast of "World's Sexiest," a show that is planned to feature beautiful women, a banner with the sponsor's graphics might pop up with the message, "It's going to get really hot now; why don't you pause and go get a Heineken."
Brilliant, simply brilliant ad insertion. Here's my offering, in a similar vein: "I bet your dick is getting pretty hard from watching these women; why don't you pause before you make a mess, and slip on a Trojanā„¢?" Mark it, my future is in advertising. Men's advertising, baby.