The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Monday, March 22, 2004

There was some loud, incessant shrieking outside the window at work earlier today. Since we're on the 8th floor, and the noise was obviously closeby, I figured it was birds. But I was surprised to see it was a little flock of parrots.

Yup, we got wild parrots and parakeets flying around St. Petersburg, Florida. You see them around occasionally, often in the company of native birds like finches and jays. But sometimes, you'll see them flocking with themselves, a nice flash of greenish-blue zipping across the sky. They're the result of former pets being set loose or escaping; over the years, I guess they've found a way to survive in the wild and the relatively harsh (for these tropical birds) winters we have here.

These particular birds, which were only 4 or 5 strong, seem to have found some nooks in the building to make a nest. So they perched on the wall, and after some squabbling amongst themselves, settled down. A few of us gathered around the nearest window to check them out; they were definitely pretty birds. Rather big, too.

According to one of my officemates, these birds, with their distinctive black heads, were Nandy Conures, so they looked something like this.

So I guess we have some new outdoor mascots. It beats the usual pigeons, AKA rats with wings.