The Critical 'I'

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Friday, March 26, 2004

welcome to the islands, eh?
Balmy, tropical Canada. Nice ring to it, eh? That's the idea behind Canada's proposal to annex the British Caribbean colony of Turks and Caicos.

So... much... joke... potential... Let's see:

- I'm looking forward to the bumper crop of Turks-Caicoan hockey players to arrive in the NHL.

- Two words: Canadian rum, mon.

- Two more words: Sand curling.

- Hearing "O, Canada" played on a steel drum should be a real trip.

The most non-imperialist way of doing this is to make the little island chain the 11th Province, the Canucks' very own place in the sun. The distance between the Great White North and this Caribbean outpost brings to mind the inclusion of Hawaii to the United States.

What facilitates this is Canada's membership in the British Commonwealth. Ex-colonial ties and all that. The UK wouldn't be as open to such a proposal if, say, Mexico came calling.

I joked earlier today that, with a tropical destination to call their own, maybe the annual Canuck snowbirds would stop clogging the roads around here. It might have an impact, but as it'd be easier to drive to Florida than fly to Turks, it probably won't be noticable.