The Critical 'I'

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

stop the presses!
Apparently already bored with being Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking on the executive editor roles for both Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazines.

You'd think a title like "executive editor" would refer to a pretty important job, and normally, it does. In this case, though, it appears to be little more than a figurehead position, with Arnold probably doing little more than glancing (or having an executive assistant glance) at final layouts, and maybe posing for a few photos. (Arnold's own spokesman calls this a hobby for the Governor that wouldn't take any time away from his other work.) In exchange, publisher American Media can make the claim to having two muscle magazines that are "run" by a legendary bodybuilder.

As an editor myself, I'm insulted by this. It suggests that a real executive editor doesn't do an awful lot at a magazine when someone else can approach the job as a hobby. Big publishers like American Media traditionally screw over the editorial talent, but this is a particularly grievous slap.