The Critical 'I'

Read. React. Repeat.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

death from the sky!
For the past couple of weeks, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block (home of, among other personal favorites, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force") has been running this bizarre little promo: Flying Shark vs. Flying Crocodile. I think the title, and accompanying picture, is self-explanatory.

They've run with it for a lot longer than I'd expected. Their latest play on it was presenting the matchup as a shopping mall research study. It seemed like a bit much for the normally short-attention-spanned Adult Swim filler promos, but it was entertaining.

Then, a couple of days ago while watching a local Lightning game broadcast, I was bombarded endlessly with a commercial for Discovery Channel's "Animal Face-Off", featuring--surprise!--a simulated duel between a shark and crocodile. No flight ability in this one, because, since it's on an edumucational channel, it's supposed to be "real".

At first, I assumed the similarites were due to a shared corporate ownership. But that doesn't appear to be the case: Cartoon Network is wholly owned by Time Warner, while Discovery Channel is, along with parent Discovery Communications, a joint venture between media players Advance Publications, Liberty Media, and Cox Communications.

This doesn't preclude the possibility of the people working at both outfits engaging in shop-talk. So my question is, who's making fun of who here?

And for the record: Shark wins, baby. In a cakewalk.